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Philosophy & Guiding Principles

The Division operates from a core set of guiding principles called “The Five Core Values and Five Key Strategies.” These principles are utilized to drive service provision, guide decision making and provide a framework for the Division’s community activities, while modeling a set of shared values. The Five Core Values and Five Key Strategies are:




I addition to these principles, in 2006, the Division of Youth Corrections implemented the Continuum of Care Initiative, focused on enhancing processes, services and programs throughout the commitment continuum. The goals of the Continuum of Care Initiative are a reflection of the values and beliefs found in the Five Key Strategies. The Continuum is an integrated approach to providing a complete range of programs and services that are matched to youth and family needs at every phase, from commitment to the point of discharge from parole. Elements of the Continuum of Care include but are not limited to:

  • Actuarial based risk assessment through the adoption of the Colorado Juvenile Risk Assessment (CJRA);
  • Focus on treating criminogenic risk areas;
  • Individualized, targeted case planning, treatment, milieu and transition services;
  • Implementation of evidence based principles and practices, such as Multi-Systemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy; and
  • Providing transition resources for youth moving from residential placement back to their communities