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CCAR and Encounter


The Colorado Client Assessment Record (CCAR) was developed over 25 years ago, and is used in Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Wyoming, and Canada.  As a result of its extensive use over time, it is a well-tested instrument, with high inter-rater reliability.


In Colorado, the CCAR has been required on all Admissions and Discharges to the Colorado Public Mental Health System since 1978.


Data collected in the CCAR are used to meet federal reporting requirements associated with the mental health block grant and the Uniform Reporting System (URS), and are used by state agencies in their reporting to the Colorado legislature.


Because CCAR and service encounter data have been collected since 1978 and 1995, respectively, it is possible to examine service and outcome trends over time. 


In summary, CCAR is a well-established and well-researched tool, which lends itself well to exploring and understanding the ability of Colorado’s public mental health system to meet the needs of Colorado’s indigent and Medicaid populations.


Contract Status Report Documentation, FY14-15 - MH and SUD 
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