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For Consumers and Job Seekers


Help is Available

Work is a proven part of recovery for people with mental illness, and Colorado’s supported employment program provides help maneuvering the job market for those who may need it.  Based on consumer preferences and strengths, the program provides supports such as:


  • Personal assistance with identifying strengths and work interests; writing a resume; preparing for interviews; filling out online applications; and coaching on the job.
  • Guidance from professional counselors regarding how work could affect important benefits, such as Social Security or Medicaid.
  • Someone to advocate during the job search process.


“Before getting my job I would sit around feeling sorry for myself. I get a feeling of accomplishment working full time. I got off of public assistance, which is a huge deal in my recovery. I wanted to show my daughter that you can make a better life for yourself and not live off the government. Working makes me push myself to do the things I know I am capable of.”   ~Colorado Job Seeker

Click here to read more detailed success stories from local consumers.  



Denver’s Road to Work

Watch this inspirational feature from Colorado’s 9News about helping Denver homeless people get back to work. 




Personal Accounts for Job Seekers

Click here to hear personal accounts from Griff McClure, former consumer and Employment Counselor from Denver.





For more information about how you can become a part of Colorado’s supported employment program, contact Stacey Teegardin, MS at the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, 720.822.4198, or stacey.teegardin@state.co.us.