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What We Do



Current Committees


1.  Cultural Competence Advisory Council (CCAC)
This group is comprised of subject matter experts in the area of cultural competence and behavioral health and includes both internal and external stakeholders.  This group is scheduled to meet on the third Tuesday afternoon of every other month.


CCAC Mission Statement:


Assist OBH with the elimination of despaired outcomes in behavioral health through advisement of effective changes in policy, procedure and accountability by infusion of culturally and linguistically responsive and inclusive practices in behavioral health services.


2.  Providers for the Advancement of Cultural Competence (PACC) Network
This committee meets at OBH on the first Friday of each month, from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. and serves as an open forum for providers to discuss challenges and solutions related to providing culturally inclusive care to members of the communities they serve.  All providers are welcome to attend either in person or through teleconferencing.




"Improving culturally competent best practices in behavioral healthcare through provider networking, education and support."


PACC Network Mission statement:


  • Serve as a liaison between behavioral health providers and the Office of Behavioral Health to eliminate disparities in behavioral healthcare for Colorado residents.

  • Develop a collaborative network of cultural brokers among behavioral health providers.

  • Provide a means of communication with behavioral health providers to remaining informed and current about culturally competent needs and services within the community.


To RSVP for the upcoming PACC Network meeting, please click here.



Agency Assessments and Trainings


Since 1999, the OBH has sought to promote and advance cultural competence through the utilization of appropriate, valid and informative assessment tools.  The OBH has utilized the information gathered as the basis for cultural competency training development.  Past trainings were designed to address the identified areas of growth for OBH and community behavioral health agencies alike.


In 2010, the OBH developed the “Culturally Informed Treatment” curriculum, which is currently being taught as part of the Certified Addictions Counselor training program.  Further training needs continue to be determined.



Assessing an agency’s level of cultural competency is an essential part of identifying agency strengths and ways in which your organization can improve the delivery of culturally competent behavioral health care.  With the permission of the National Center for Cultural Competence, the OBH is pleased to offer the following agency assessments upon request:

  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence Family Organization Assessment (CLCFOA)

  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence Policy Assessment (CLCPA)



The OBH is pleased to provide consultation, technical assistance and cultural competency training opportunities to agencies, as requested. 

**Please contact Jane Flournoy jane.flournoy@state.co.us for more information, to discuss training development or to schedule an agency assessment.***