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Behavioral Health Crisis Study HB10-1032


Access and availability to behavioral health crisis services continues to be a complex gap in Colorado’s behavioral health system is.  The goals of crisis services are to improve access to the most appropriate treatment resources and to decrease the utilization of hospital emergency departments, jails, prisons and homeless programs for behavioral health emergencies.  Through improved crisis services we can ultimately provide crisis intervention, with the goal of creating a seamless integrated behavioral health care system, where consumers will receive appropriate, timely, and quality care.



Legislative Directive:

The State Department shall review the current behavioral health crisis response in Colorado and shall formulate a plan to address the lack of coordinated crisis response in the state. The plan shall include and analysis of the best use of existing resources, including but not limited to managed service organizations, behavioral health organizations, mental health centers, crisis intervention trained officers, metro crisis services, hospitals, and other entities impacting behavioral health crisis response.  The State Department shall complete the review, formulate the plan, and prepare the report required in paragraph (b) of this sub section (2) within existing appropriations and shall design the plan to be implemented within existing appropriations. 

(b) On or before January 30, 2013, the State Department shall present to a joint meeting of the Health and Human Services Committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate, or any successor committee, a report concerning coordinated behavioral health crisis response in Colorado.  The report, at a minimum, shall include the plan prepared pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subsection (2).



Background and Study Process




Behavioral Health Crisis Information and Best Practices 




Other State Best Practices




Crisis Response Survey


  • HB-1032 Crisis Response Survey -  Click here




  • TBD



Crisis System Study Stakeholder Meeting Notes


Future meetings are being developed for one additional Denver meeting, regional meeting for Southeast Colorado and regional meeting for Northeast Colorado.

Future meeting announcements can be found here as soon as they are announced.  





The Office would like to hear from all stakeholders to identify what is working well or what may not be working to assist individuals with a behavioral health crisis issue.  The Office will use the information to identify possible recommendations to improving crisis services in the State.  We greatly appreciate your participation and invite you to provide your comments. 


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