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Touchstone Health Partners



Touchstone Health Partners

Touchstone Health Partners Mental Health Alternatives Program

Recognizing the critical need to reduce the incredible cost the individuals with mental illness and addiction represent to Larimer County, Touchstone Health Partners (formerly Larimer Center for Mental Health) has created the Alternatives program. Alternatives combines intensive mental health and drug and alcohol treatment with intervention in the factors known to contribute to criminal behavior and the systemic factors (i.e., family, job, education, inappropriate behaviors, social networks, and housing) that often impede successful return to society.


An integrated service delivery program grounded in the “Sequential Intercept Model” (Drs. Mark Munetz and Patricia Griffin), Alternatives mitigates recidivism by creating accessible, comprehensive and effective mental health treatment for the criminal justice population through implementation of a continuum of services which meet the needs of this high needs population.  Alternatives is composed of four distinct components: Alternatives to Incarceration for Individuals with Mental Health Needs (AIIM), Community Dual Disorder Treatment (CDDT) and Alternative Outpatient Services, all of which are supported by the center’s residential services. Each of these programs is also integrated in terms of providing services for mental health, substance abuse, primary health, transportation, housing, employment and family-of-origin needs.


AIIM is a collaborative program jointly developed and supported by many Larimer County and nonprofit agencies. The program is an alternative to incarceration that provides services and supervision to first time and repeat offender adults who are involved in the criminal justice system due to their mental illness. Supervision and treatment to offenders as well as monitored medications, substance abuse testing and intensive case management assistance with basic needs, housing and employment are all integral parts of the AIIM program.


The Community Dual Disorder Treatment (CDDT) program is a community-based, multidisciplinary program that provides coordinated treatment based on the evidence-based practice Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT). CDDT provides intensive mental health and substance abuse counseling, case management, medical services, housing/residential services, supported employment, and pharmacological treatment incorporating an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model.


Jail Based Behavioral Services (JBBS) are treatment services offered at the Larimer County Jail. A “Strategies for Self Improvement and Change” curriculum is offered 3 days per week, as well as a group using the “Seeking Safety” curriculum. Inmates are then encouraged to continue treatment at Touchstone Health Partners upon their release from the jail.


A Criminal Justice Clinical Specialist (CJCS) is a part of the Alternatives program and is located in the jail. The Specialist assists inmates in creating a reentry plan, which includes obtaining basic resources as well as enrolling in treatment at Touchstone Health Partners.


Alternatives is operated out of the Touchstone Health Partners office at 525 W. Oak St., Ft. Collins, CO, and is directly supervised by Marilyn Green, LPC, CAC III.  For questions regarding the Alternatives program or any of Touchstone Health Partners’ services, please call 970-494-4300.