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Mind Springs Health

Mind Springs Health
Mind Springs Health
“Bringing Hope”


There are two major components to the Fifth Judicial District’s SB 97 project. They include: (A) Continuation of the Triage Unit in Frisco, and, (B) Continuation from the fourth quarter of last year’s funding of the Eagle County Jail Services. Both these programs identify possible and current inmates by creating access to mental health care after appropriate assessment to reduce mental health problems that exacerbate a client’s involvement in the criminal justice system. By early identification and continued mental health-related support, we have reduced the likelihood of client’s recidivating back into the criminal justice system. Thus, by developing such systems of care, as compared to the past, we can provide mental health services that are more proactive rather than reactive to reduce incarceration for this target population.


In the Triage Unit, after medical clearance, we are focusing on a target population of adults from Summit, Eagle, Lake, and Grand Counties who might have criminal charges and are at risk of harming self/others and/or gravely disabled but do not presently meet the mental health hold guidelines under an M-1. Some of these clients may transfer to this type of service after they are clean or sober from the detox side of the Summit County Triage Unit. The jail program screens and identifies all adult inmates and then targets those with mental health disorders based on a mental health professional’s recommendations. Additionally, referrals can come from jail personnel based on inmates who show some evidence of a mental health disorder, or is an inmate requesting mental health services, or is a client previously seen at our out-patient clinics, or there are concerns related to safety, such as risk of hurting self and/or others.


Jail services occur once a month for medication purposes and all Eagle County inmates are screened by the mental health professional for recommendations. Those who need on-going services are seen bi-weekly, weekly, or as required by their treatment plan. Again this frequency would be dictated by the offender’s treatment plan. The duration of treatment is based on what the mental health concerns may be and, therefore, could vary. There will also be a Coping Skills Jail Group developed by 9/1/08. This will be an open-ended psycho-educational class that will repeat itself on a yet to be determined basis.


Contact Information:

Summit County: Kathy Davis 970-668-3478 Emergency Staff 911 (Ask to speak with MH Professional)

Grand County: Krista McClinton 970-328-6969 Emergency Staff 970-479-2200

Lake County: Mandy Baker 719-486-0985 Emergency Staff 800-809-2344



RecoverFree is a program offered by Mind Springs with the aim to reduce the numbers of persons who have a mental illness, struggle with substance abuse, and who are at risk of or already involved in the criminal justice system. The primary goal of this program is to reduce the number of contacts with law enforcement, to reduce or prevent time in jail, and to reduce recidivism rates for these individuals. RecoverFree includes immediate community-based crisis assessment and counseling, assertive outreach and engagement practices, specialized treatment groups, community based case management activities, and social/peer support network. The Crisis Response Team and RecoverFree program will continue to fill an important gap in the Mesa County service system by providing targeted, intensive treatment services to adults most in need. It will also provide the continuum of services for youth transitioning from the juvenile system and treatment modalities.


In FY 09, Mind Springs has expanded the RecoverFree program to include a community-based, mobile Crisis Response Team. This team will provide 24-hour access to mental health assessments and crisis case management services. This expansion of services will continue to assist in reducing recidivism rates for offenders suffering from mental illness and co-occurring disorders by providing timely access to differential mental health and substance abuse assessments, case management and specialized treatment services. To access the mobile Crisis Response Team, call 970-241-6022.


The continuum of Services will range from initial contact with the Crisis Response Team and can include phone consultation/support, differential face-to-face assessment, short-term counseling/stabilization services, and case management to link with ongoing treatment programs. The RecoverFree Program will continue to offer a variety of services (Track I and Track II) that best meet the individual’s clinical and recovery needs. Services will range from 3 to 9 hours per week – including group therapies, individual therapy, case management, consumer peer specialist support, and psychiatric evaluation and medication management services. Average length of stay in the most intensive of services will be 6 months. The following modalities may be used: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Strategies for Self Improvement and Change, Individual CBT, Mind Over Mood Group, Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment, The Matrix Model, The Basics “A curriculum for co-occurring psychiatric and substance disorders. Psychosocial interventions will include socialization opportunities through the Oasis Club House, Vocational Training and Supported Employment opportunities through Production Services, and Supported Housing opportunities through Little Bookcliff Apartments (owned and operated by Mind Springs).


Please contact Kathy Capps at (970) 683-7110 for additional information.



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