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Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network

Arapahoe Douglas MH



Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network (ADMHN) offers a Re-Entry Program that serves offenders transitioning from the Colorado Department of Corrections to two community corrections programs, or diversion offenders who will be sent to the Colorado Department of Corrections if community corrections sentences are revoked. These services will be provided through two channels:


A.   In collaboration with Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS), ADMHN provides services to offenders in the Peer I and Outpatient Therapeutic Community (OTC) programs in ARTS. Services provided by ADMHN will include dual diagnosis treatment (specific programming for individuals with both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder) and mental health treatment, psychiatric support and medications.


B.   In collaboration Arapahoe County Residential Center (ACRC), the ADMHN program uses a high-intensity, multi-disciplinary approach with residential/transitional housing, mental health and substance abuse treatment, correctional supervision and wrap-around case management services to access community resources for more independent levels of care.  Upon arrival at ACRC, program participants will immediately be placed with the SB 97 program.  After a stabilization period (approximately 30 days) participants will progress to either an employment track or a volunteer/supported employment track.  The program emphasizes integrated treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, using assertive outreach, intensive case management, comprehensive services, addressing motivation for change, flexibility in services delivery, and IDDT specialized dual disorders treatment.


Cognitive behavioral and psycho-educational classes will address daily living skills, communication skills, vocational skill development, acquisition of resources, safety, education, conditions of parole, interpersonal relationships, safe social and recreational opportunities, community integration, medication compliance, symptom management, self-help and peer support, crisis intervention and counseling, relapse prevention, health and wellness, and residential and permanent housing.


At ADMHN, programs in the Criminal Justice Services unit focus on treating the mental illness, treating co-occurring substance abuse, and changing criminal thinking.  The ADMHN Re-Entry Program will reduce recidivism for offenders suffering from mental illness by supporting their placements through focused treatment efforts in the programs listed above.  Providing supportive therapy that focuses on reducing the risk factors of mental illness will reduce the risk of repeat offenses. Offenders who are transitioning back into the community face enormous challenges and temptations to return to criminal behavior, especially if they have a mental illness and/or a substance abuse disorder.  By offering the mental health treatment, case management, and assistance with medications to ARTS and ACRC clients, the ADMHN Re-Entry Program can help these individuals cope with the stresses of their daily lives and adapt their responses to more successful behavior. 





  • Clients of the ARTS Peer I program will be served at the Peer I facility (3732 West Princeton Circle, Denver, CO, 80236), the Haven facility (3630 West Princeton Circle Denver CO 80236) and the OTC Program (1725 High Street Denver CO 80218); 
  • ACRC clients will be served at the ACRC facility, which is located at 2135 W Chenango Ave Littleton, CO;
  • Psychiatric and medication services for ACRC clients will be offered at ADMHNs Adult Outpatient facility at 5500 South Sycamore Street in Littleton, CO.
  • The ADMHN Pharmacy is located at 5500 South Sycamore Street, Littleton, CO 80120.


Program Administration

Barbara Becker, PhD, LPC
Manager, Criminal Justice Team
Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network
155 Inverness Drive West, Suite 200
Englewood, CO 80112

Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network
Website: http://www.admhn.org/