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SAPT Block Grant Under 18


Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Under 18
(SAPT BG Under 18)



Applicant Agency

Contract Number

DBH Program Manager

DBH Fiscal Manager

 Archuleta School District 50J 11 IHM 16317 Lisa Finch Ralph Duran
Chaffee County Department of Health and Human Services 11 IHM 16336 Lisa Finch Ralph Duran
 Crossroads Turning Points, Inc. 11 IHM 16357 Sharon Liu Ralph Duran
 Del Norte School District 11 IHM 16976 Lisa Finch Ralph Duran
 Denver Children's Home 11 IHM 16973  Sharon Liu Ralph Duran
 Denver Youth Program dba Metro Denver Partners 11 IHM 16355  Sharon Liu Ralph Duran
 Full Circle of Lake County, Inc. 11 IHM 17977  Lisa Finch Ralph Duran

 Gunnison Hinsdale Youth Services, Inc, dba Gunnison County Partners

11 IHM 16348  Deb Hutson Ralph Duran
 Mi Casa Resource Center for Women, Inc. 11 IHM 16354  Sharon Liu Ralph Duran
 Mpower 11 IHM 16356  Deb Hutson Ralph Duran
 Partners in Routt County 11 IHM 16353  Deb Hutson Ralph Duran
 Southern Ute Community Action Program 11 IHM 16343  Lisa Finch Ralph Duran
 TEENS, Inc. 11 IHM 16352 Lisa Finch Ralph Duran
 Youth and Family Connections 11 IHM 16349  Sharon Liu Ralph Duran