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Acronyms, Abbreviations & Definitions


ACF (Alternative Care Facility): A placement option under HCBS-MI

ALR (Assisted Living Residence): Replaces ‘Board and Care Facilities’ in the regs

CMHC (Community Mental Health Center)

CHMI-FL (Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan)

CMHI-P (Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo)

CMS (The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, formerly HCFA)

DD (Developmental Disability): In CO a condition occurring before the age of 22 that significantly impacts age appropriate development.

DDD (Division of Developmental Disability): The State Mental Retardation Authority that is responsible for the public DD system in CO. The DDD OBRA Coordinator must approve all DD PASRR evaluations prior to NF admission.

DDM (Dual Diagnosis Management): The Statewide Utilization Contractor for Colorado. They do PASRR, Private Duty Nursing, 5615 and Hospital Back-Up.

OBH (Office of Behavioral Health) The State Mental Health Authority that is responsible for the public mental health system in CO.  The MHS OBRA Coordinator must approve all PASRR evaluations prior to NF admission.

Dep Divs (Depression Diversion Screens): Phone reviews done by DDM (prior to admission) or CMHCs (after admission) on individuals with non-MMI depressions to determine if they need a Level II.

Designated Facility: Hospitals and CMHCs that can legally hold certifications under CRS 27-10

H&P (History and Physical): A complete physical exam including history and review of systems required for PASRR

HCBS-MI (Home and Community Based Services for Individuals with Mental Illness): An alternative to NF placement that includes ACFs, home based services and non-medical transportation.

HCFA: Health Care Finance Administration, now The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) –The Federal Medicaid Authority

HCPF (Health Care Policy and Finance): The State Medicaid Authority

IMD (Institute for Mental Disease): A federal classification that determines eligibility for Medicaid payment.  Any facility over 16 beds with over 50% MI residents is not eligible for Federal Medicaid dollars.

Level I: Used to identify a ‘suspicion’ of MI or DD

Level II: The in-depth PASRR evaluation that is completed on any individual who ‘fails’ a Level I and/or Dep Div

LOC (Level of Care): Any MI resident must meet NF LOC

LOS (Length of Stay)

LTC (Long Term Care)

MHASA (Mental Health Assessment and Service Agency): Managed care agencies for Medicaid MH services in CO.

MMI (Major Mental Illness): For PASRR purposes Major Depression, Bipolar,
Cyclothymia, Dysthymia, SchizoAffective DO, Schizophrenia, Psychotic DO NOS, and Delusional Disorder NOS.

NF (Nursing Facility)

OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act): Annual bill that reconciles the Senate and House budget bills.  OBRA ’87 included the Nursing Home Reform Act that mandated PASRR.

PASRR (Pre-Admission Screen and Resident Review): The evaluations that determine the diagnoses and service needs for NF residents.  PASs must be completed prior to NF admission.

Placement Facility: Outside facilities that Designated

Facilities: use to house certified clients.

Placement Facility Agreement: The written agreement required by CRS 27-10 between the Designated Facility holding the certification and the Placement Facility that allows the facility to legally hold an involuntary resident.

Respite: A temporary (30 days per calendar year) stay in a NF for HCBS clients to give their caregiver time off.  NOT a short cut for permanent NF admission and NOT an exemption from PASRR.

TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – Required for all PASRR clients with major affective disorders.

ULTC-100.2: Uniform Long Term Care – The seven-page form required for Medicaid payment for NF stays.