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What if the client will not provide their SSN?

Do your best to obtain the full SSN (this is required by the state). If the SSN is still unobtainable the field can be completed with "9's". This should not be a consistent practice, however, every effort should be made before defaulting to using the "9's". If the information should become available at a later date an update CCAR should be submitted.



What is the difference in discharge reasons between client initiated and administrative termination?
 An administrative termination is used when a client has not been seen at the mental health center for 90 days or more and future contact seems unlikely. A client initiated termination is used when a client refuses further services and the clinician believes they could still benefit from services or when a contact has been lost with a client for less than 90 days but the clinician feels future contact is unlikely and wishes to discharge the client.



When scoring a CCAR for a young child, should not playing well with others be scored in the socialization domain?

Yes, things like aggressive behavior toward others, being expelled from pre-school or childcare settings should be scored as problems in socialization. Just keep in mind that the child's behavior should be compared to other children of the same age and cultural background.



What should be included in annual income?

This number should reflect household income, not just the income of the individual. If a child is in foster care, a "0" can be submitted in this field.



What if you do not know the annual income of the family?

As with SSN, every attempt should be made to obtain this information. If it is not possible, a "0" should be submitted in this field. If the information should become available at a later date an update CCAR should be submitted.



How should you score current primary role/employment/school status for a child younger than school age?

"Not in the labor force" should be used in this case.



Raters have been asked to score the new CCAR based on how mental health symptoms affect each domain. Are there some domains that should not be scored based on mental health concerns alone?

Yes, the Physical Health, Legal, Drug Use, and Alcohol Use are the only domains that should be scored independent of mental health symptoms.



In the case of the Cognitive Domain, how should an individual with dementia be scored?

As with other domains, the Cognitive Domain should be scaled based on how mental health symptoms affect functioning. Therefore, an individual experiencing cognitive difficulties due to dementia (a physical health concern) alone should not have an elevated score on this domain. Other mental health factors such as depression that contribute to cognitive problems should impact scoring of this domain.



How should the security/supervision domain be scored for individuals who have increased needs due to something other than mental health issues (e.g. individuals in residential placements due to committing a crime)?

Only mental health needs that result in increased security and supervision should result in elevated scores on this domain.



In the History Section is the definition of Trauma the same as for the previous CCAR?

Yes, the definition remains as: History of non-family perpetrated trauma, being exposed to traumatic event(s) or environment in which individual experienced, witnessed or confronted event(s) that involve the threat of death or serious physical injury (e.g. earthquake, shooting, torture, or bombing).



How is the CCAR level (A,B,or C) related to placement decisions?

A child can be placed in a therapeutic residential child care facility (TRCCF) with any CCAR level. A child must score a level "C" to be placed in a psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF).



How is CCAR level related to payment of a residential program?

CCAR level is no longer linked to payment in the TRAILS system.



If a youth scores a level A on their admission CCAR, how will improvement in their mental health status be measured?

 Although there is not a lower level possible on the CCAR, changes in mental health functioning can be measured using finer gradations on the domain scores. Accurate scoring of the CCAR at all times is critical to overall data collection and should not be compromised in order to demonstrate greater change due to placement or treatment.



Last Updated: 6/27/11