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Peer Specialist

Peer Specialist






About NAPS

The National Association of Peer Specialists, Inc. (NAPS), is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to peer support in mental health systems. Founded in November 2004 by a group of peer specialists, the organization has quickly grown with members from every state.

NAPS offers members a quarterly newsletter, discounts on recovery-oriented materials, access to recovery and peer support information, NAPS also sponsors an annual conference for peer specialists which brings together peer specialists and supporters of the peer specialist movement to share ideas, strategies, and information about innovative programs that work.

The National Association of Peer Specialists (NAPS) is an organization dedicated to promoting peer specialists throughout the United States. We are a group of dedicated peer specialists seeking ways to improve the effectiveness of the mental health system through the hiring of other peer specialists.

NAPS also works to enhance the profession--not just encourage the hiring of more peer specialists. We do this through training, education, and advocacy.

If you are currently a peer specialist, would like to become one, or support the Peer Specialist Movement this is the organization for you!

Research has proven the effectiveness of peer specialists in the mental health setting. No longer are administrators able to deny the value of hiring peer specialists. Peer Specialists have been there so we recognize what clients may need and want!

There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. Join us today and you will receive a quarterly newsletter that will help you understand the role of peer specialists as well as keep you informed of new developments in the field.

The cost of an annual membership in NAPS is $10. More information about membership, including an application and sample newsletter, are available by contacting Steve Harrington at: steveh@naops.org


The NAPS Board of Directors is comprised of the following people, all of whom are peer specialists:


  •  Gladys DeVonne Christian, President
  •  Karen Aranjo, Treasurer
  •  Mary Jensen, Secretary



  •  David Anderson
  •  Joel Penny
  •  Diann Schutter
  •  Gayle Bluebird, NASMHPD Office of Technical Assistance
  •  Matthew Federici, Institute for Recovery and Community Integration
  •  Carol Bailey Floyd, Copeland Center
  •  Joseph Rogers, NMHCSHC

DBSA Representative:


  •  Recovery Innovations Representative


Executive Director:


  •  Steve Harrington