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Short Term Intensive Residential Remediation Treatment (STIRRT)


The Short Term Intensive Residential Remediation Treatment (STIRRT) program is a 9-month program which begins with two-weeks of residential treatment with a minimum of 112 therapeutic hours over the two week residential stay and 8 to 9 months of continuing care services. It is designed specifically for the substance-abusing offender either male or female; is at least 18 years of age or older; has had at least one prior felony conviction; have had a positive urinalysis prior to admission; have been recommended to a level 4 treatment (enhanced treatment services) based on the Standardized Offender Assessment - Revised (SOA-R); received a level of supervision (LSI) score of 29 or higher; and is facing jail/prison time if not compliant with STIRRT.

The STIRRT program is designed to provide the motivational force to heighten the offender’s treatment readiness by participating in a minimum of 112 therapeutic hours over a two-week residential program. At the end of the intensive residential treatment, clients transition into a continuing care Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP); Enhanced Outpatient (EOP); or Outpatient Program (OP) component(s) which includes, continued group education, therapy and ancillary services that the offender may need to help them succeed.

The STIRRT program began at Arapahoe House in April 1996. Arapahoe House is a private non-profit substance abuse treatment agency. STIRRT offers 20 intensive residential treatment beds for adult male offenders. The STIRRT program was the first offender-specific treatment program funded by DBH through the “Drug Offender Surcharge Fund” and was exclusively for male offenders. Beginning in FY 01, the Pueblo STIRRT opened its doors on October 2, 2000, a 20-bed residential treatment unit for offenders consisting of 10-male beds and 10-female beds funded from General Fund monies and was awarded to Crossroads Turning Point, a private treatment agency in Pueblo.

As a result of the Governor’s Recidivism Reduction Package, two additional STIRRT Residential programs received funding for FY 07-08. In Fort Collins, Colorado, Larimer County Community Corrections (LCCC) received funding for a 10-bed male intensive two-week residential program. This program will also provide specialized services for the treatment of methamphetamine addiction and psychiatric services for clients diagnosed with co-occurring disorders of mental health and substance use. The other STIRRT Residential program has closed effective June 30, 2010.

Research has shown us the longer a client is in treatment, these clients experience more successful outcomes including a lower recidivism rate. Funding from the Governor’s Recidivism Reduction Package is supporting this by also providing STIRRT Continuing Care funds for up to 8-months for clients who complete the STIRRT Residential program.

Residential Locations and Contact Information


Bennie Lombard, MA., CACIII
Manager Offender Substance Use Disorder Programs
Office of Behavioral Health
3824 W. Princeton Circle
Denver, Colorado 80236
Phone: (303) 866-7519
Fax: (303) 866-7481
E-Mail: bennie.lombard@state.co.us

Denver Metro Area
Arapahoe House, Inc.
7373 Birch Street
Commerce City, Colorado 80022
Capacity 20 male beds – Continuing Care male and female
Phone: (303) 412-3961
Ms. Sheryl Smith (sheryls@ahinc.org)

Arapahoe House, Inc.
Littleton, Colorado 80120
Capacity 8 female beds – Continuing Care female
Phone: (303) 412-3928
Ms. Shannon Mulcahy (shannonm@ahinc.org)

Pueblo – Southern Area
Crossroads Turning Point, Inc.
509 E. 13th Street
Pueblo, Colorado 81001
Capacity 10 male beds & 10 female beds – Continuing Care male and female
Phone: (719) 545-1181 Ext 167
Ms. Bella Vigil

Fort Collins – Northern Area
Larimer County Community Corrections
2255 Midpoint Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
Capacity 10 male beds – Continuing Care male and female
Phone: (970) 498-7530
Mr. Michael Ruttenberg, MS, LMFT


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