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Youth DUI Offender

Youth Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Adjunct Providers Guide


On average, 2,300 DUI citations are issued to 10-20 year old youth. Out of that number, on average, 500 youth already have prior DUI’s. For the 21-25 year old age range, the average number of citations jumps to 6,700 DUI’s.   Approximately 1,800 have prior DUI’s. On average, 10,000 young people 20 and under receive a Minor In Possession  (MIP) citation every year. If you look only at the DUI’s and MIP’s for those 20 and under in Colorado for 2008, 11,750 young people received an alcohol citation. In 2009 17,427 young people received citations for alcohol related offenses.   With consistent statistics like this regarding young people in Colorado, DBH responded with additional resources for DUI providers.


In an attempt to continue to provide the most effective services to Youth in Colorado at the right time, in the right setting, efforts have been underway to train and implement a supplement for current DUI providers to use for the youth 20 and under that have received a DUI. “Driving With Care, Education and Treatment of the Underage Impaired Driving Offender; An Adjunct Provider’s Guide”, was developed. This supplement will be delivered in conjunction with “Driving With Care”, however, it includes operational guidelines and enhancements for the delivery of Underage Impaired Driving Offenders, how modifications and enhancements are presented, underage-specific groups vs. mixed age groups, interventions that are youth focused, and getting parents involved. DBH recognizes the importance of young people receiving age appropriate services for all of their issues, and this is another area that requires specialized attention. DBH along with the authors of this supplement, continue to offer training across the state.


To view and distribute the brochure describing required training to provide for Youth DUI Offenders click here.

For further information, feel free to contact Katie Wells, Manager of Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Programs for the Division of Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorders Section, at (303) 866-7501 or by e-mail at katie.wells@state.co.us.