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Program Rules & Statutes




The on-line versions of these behavioral health regulations are the most current versions available. However, these are not the official versions. For official publication of these and all State of Colorado regulations, please consult the Code of Colorado Regulations (CCR) or contact Lexis-Nexis at 1-800-227-9597 or the Secretary of State, Information Center at 303-894-2200, x6418.



Crosswalk of Office of Behavioral Health Rules

 Link to Colorado Code of Regulations (CCR)

CCR Section Title Prior Volume Agency of Record Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) New Integrated Volume 2 CCR 502-1 Behavioral Health
2CCR501-1 Uniform Method of Determining Ability to Pay at Public Institutions under the Supervision of the Department of Human Services  n/a
Mental Health Services
27-92 21.800
2CCR502-1 Care and Treatment of the Mentally Ill 19
Division of Mental Health
2CCR502-2 Colorado Mental Health System  n/a
Division of Mental Health
2CCR502-3 Child Mental Health Treatment 20
Division of Mental Health
27-67 21.200.3
2CCR502-4 Competency Evaluations in Criminal Cases 21
Division of Mental Health
16-8.5  21.900
    6CCR1008-1    Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse/Dependence Treatment Standards 15
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
27-80, 27-81, 27-82
6CCR1008-2 Licensing of Addiction Programs Using Controlled Substances 22
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
12-42.5 (Part I),
18-18 (Part 3),
6CCR1008-3 Addiction Counselor Certification and Licensure 14
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
NEW Family Advocacy Mental Health Juvenile Justice Programs NEW
Division of Behavioral Health
27-69  21.200.4