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CAC Clinical Training Program


Addiction Counselor Certification and Licensure

The Office of Behavioral Health has the authority for setting competency training standards for the addiction counselor workforce. Certification and licensure in Colorado requires a combination of specialized training and clinically supervised work experience in the addiction field. Additionally, the Office of Behavioral Health periodically reviews the Addiction Counselor Certification and Licensure rules and revises them when needed to reflect current research, treatment methods, and competencies needed for the workforce. OBH and DORA work together to provide the path to certification and licensure for aspiring addiction counselors in Colorado.


OBH also approves trainers for the CAC (Certified Addiction Counselor) required training classes and the curriculum for these classes. 


DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) regulates addiction counselors in Colorado and is responsible for the following activities related to counselor certification and licensure:


  • Establishing fees for certification and licensing of addiction counselors
  • Processing applications for certification or licensure using the Addiction Counselor Certifiction and Licensure Rules as a guide
  • Issuing and renewing certificates or licenses that meet statutory requirements
  • Initiating investigations with regard to complaints against any individual who is providing a service that requires regulation by DORA 
  • Issuing various forms of discipline regarding violations of the Colorado Mental Health Practice Act.
  • Implementing the Continuing Professional Development legislation passed in 2009 that mandates continuing professional development learning plans for mental health professionals.


For information and/or application regarding addiction counselor certification or licensure, please contact:

DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies)

Mental Health Section, CAC Program

1560 Broadway, Suite 1350

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 894-7800





Intern and Trainee Documents for Programs & Agencies


OBH has developed sample documents to be utilized by programs and agencies who want to work with interns and trainees desiring to gain clinically supervised work experience hours to be applied toward a Certified Addiction Counselor application. The three documents are an Intern/Trainee Application, a Site Agreement, and a Supervision Contract. These documents may be customized by those wishing to use them. As they are posted here in pdf format, if you wish to have copies in WORD format, please contact mary.mcmahon@state.co.us.




OBH Approved Trainer Program


The Office of Behavioral Health manages the CAC Clinical Training Program that sets the standards and curriculum for training addiction counselors in Colorado. Within that program, the Office also has a process to approve qualified trainers and the curriculum they teach to deliver the training classes needed for certification and licensure. Trainers must be OBH-approved before providing any training and will be notified with an approval letter sent by regular mail.


Continuing Professional Development Program

 Explanation text for “Continuing Professional Development”



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