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Statewide Continuity of Care Information


This section contains information about and links to the revised Statewide Continuity of Care Policy (Effective 7/1/2015). You may use the links below to access PDF versions of the Statewide Continuity of Care Policy and all related attachments.





This policy assures continuity of care for consumers by establishing accountability of the public and private mental health system in interactions that involve more than one care provider, agency or facility. This revised Statewide Continuity of Care Policy constitutes the procedure for determining responsibility for consumer care where more than one public or private provider, agency, or facility are involved. The attached policy replaces the February 10, 2000 policy and is effective as of October 1, 2006. 


The revised policy was developed by a group of representatives from Community Mental Health Centers, Behavioral Health Organizations, Office of Behavioral Health, Health Care Policy and Financing, the Colorado Mental Health Institutes and the Legal Center who met during May and June 2006. This draft also incorporates feedback from representatives of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and Department of Corrections, who were unable to participate in meetings but reviewed and provided feedback on materials. The Office would like to thank all representatives for their participation and hard work on this project.


These representatives included:


  •  Deborah Amesbury, HCPF
  •  Paul Barnett, Community Reach Center
  •  Matthew Blea, CMHIP
  •  Terry Fowler, The Legal Center
  •  Janet Goalstone, InNET· Julie Holtz, BHI
  •  Susan James Padilla, BHI
  •  Rob Kepplinger, Spanish Peaks MHC
  •  Keith LaGrenade, CMHIFL
  •  Marty Meinberg, CMHIFL
  •  Julie Lind, InNET
  •  Beth Lonergan, MHC of Boulder/Broomfield Counties
  •  Dawn Matera, Centennial Mental Health Center
  •  Christina Kracht, Centennial Mental Health Center
  •  Tom Olbrich, Jefferson Center for Mental Health
  •  Joni Thompson, Community Reach Center
  •  Faye Copenhaver, Mental Health Center of Denver
  •  Beverly Tilman, Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Center
  •  Louise Boris, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless