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Reports & Presentations


A primary function of the Office of Behavioral Health’s (OBH) Data and Evaluation section (D&E) is to support the objectives of OBH by designing and conducting research and data collection efforts that assist OBH and the state in decision-making, strategy development, and transformation of the public behavioral health system.  Data and Evaluation monitors the delivery and effectiveness of Colorado’s public behavioral health system, conducts research to ensure that Colorado’s indigent residents receive appropriate, useful, effective, and timely care, and that this care results in improved health. 



The Data and Evaluation section is responsible for the collection, analysis, and maintenance of all the data used by OBH for reporting, planning, monitoring and decision-making. Additionally, the Data and Evaluation section assures data integrity and use of data for planning, monitoring, and decision making. This is accomplished through several activities:


  1. Monitoring and enforcing contracting requirements.
  2. Disseminating data and system information to stakeholders, including consumers, providers, agencies, and other state departments.
  3. Increasing data management efficiencies.
  4. Utilizing information to improve the quality of services and care.
  5. Utilizing and integrating technology.
  6. Assisting with the improvement of service delivery systems through evidence-based practices, fidelity assessments, assessing outcomes, etc.


Each year, Data and Evaluation conducts surveys, including the Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program (MHSIP) Consumer Survey, the Youth Services Survey for Families (YSSF), and the Agency Satisfaction Survey which help inform providers and the Office of Behavioral Health about community, consumer and family member opinions regarding mental health services in Colorado.



Data and Evaluation is developing performance indicators for the public substance abuse and mental health systems to establish a library of variables to use over time, to establish baseline data, to feed back to providers for their use in improving internal processes and outcomes, and to help establish goals for the statewide system.



Additionally, Data and Evaluation writes and contributes to multiple reports each year that provide information to the State Legislature, other state agencies, the federal government, consumers and providers.  These reports are used to meet federal and state reporting requirements, including grant reporting requirements, to inform stakeholders about status of the state’s public behavioral health care system, and to help improve both access to these systems and outcomes related to the use of services.



For more information or to speak with someone in Data and Evaluation, please call (303) 866-7400.