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Criteria for Not Admitting

People are not eligible for admission to Fort Logan services - all age groups:

  • When the primary diagnosis is developmental disorder without psychiatric complications.
  • When a serious physical illness is present, the treatment of which is of paramount importance and requires care in a general hospital. Examples of this but not limited to would be active ulcerative colitis, active severe asthma, unstable diabetes, overdoses which need medical treatment, anticoagulant therapy requiring frequent monitoring, unstable epilepsy requiring sophisticated neurological treatment, chest disease requiring respiratory equipment, continuous IV therapy, non-mobile patients.
  • When the primary problem is delinquent behavior unless the behavior is a symptom of a serious mental disorder.
  • When the primary problem is chronic repetitive antisocial behavior and hospitalization would be used to avoid responsibility rather than for treatment.
  • When the primary diagnosis is dementia without psychiatric disturbances and only maintenance treatment is required.
  • When only lodging, board, or welfare services are required.
  • When they have experienced a recent acute crisis but presently need only follow-up care on an outpatient basis.
  • When only primary outpatient services are required.
  • When the primary diagnosis is traumatic brain injury without psychiatric disturbances.
  • When the patient has medical condition(s) that are likely to worsen, destabilize or require significant outside medical resources.


If you need additional information please contact, Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan Office of Admissions, at (303) 866-7031.