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Outpatient and Other Info

Interstate Transfers
Admissions to or from another state require interstate compacts. Contact Lori Banks at the Office of Behavioral Health.


Referral to V.A. Hospital When Eligible

Anyone eligible for admission to a V.A. hospital should be referred to the Veterans Administration, contact (303) 399-8020, ext. 5137.


Combined Medical and Psychiatric Problems
Fort Logan does not provide services for people with serious physical illness requiring significant general hospital medical or surgical care. Persons with psychiatric problems combined with medical and/or surgical problems, who require general hospital care, should be referred to or remain in a general hospital until medical-surgical care is no longer required or until medical clearance has been arranged with the Fort Logan admission unit physician.


If you need additional information please contact, Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan Office of Admissions, at (303) 866-7031.