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Persons w/Legal Issues

Persons Serving Sentences, Held On Charges, Pending Trial, or On Parole or Probation

  1. Serving Sentences
    Persons serving sentences in a jail, reformatory, or maximum or medium security penal institution are not eligible for services.
    Persons serving sentences in minimum security penal institutions or community correction programs are eligible for services on the same basis as any other resident of Colorado with the responsible authority stating in writing the security is not a concern.

  2. Held on Charges or Pending Trial
    Persons held on charges or pending trial are eligible for services if:
    They meet the other herein stated criteria for admission to Fort Logan, and
    The court of jurisdiction states in writing that security is not a concern. Fort Logan can provide security related to psychiatric treatment for adults. It does not provide security for legal offenses. Persons held on some specific forensic charges may need to be referred to CMHIP.

  3. Parole or Probation
    Persons on parole or probation are eligible for services on the same basis as other residents of Colorado.

  4. All Referrals must come through the catchment area Mental Health Center or Clinic.

  5. The above paragraphs, "1" and "2" do not apply to persons held in jail solely because of mental illness.


If you need additional information please contact, Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan Admissions Office, at (303) 866-7031.