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Admission Details

Evaluation for admission to Fort Logan services is provided or arranged by catchment area Mental Health Centers or Clinics in your service area, except for a specialized program for the Deaf, which provides its own evaluation because of the special skills required.


Persons may be admitted to Fort Logan on voluntary or involuntary basis. Persons can be admitted for evaluation and treatment under the Colorado Mental Health Statute (27-65). Mental Health Centers and Clinics will evaluate persons being considered for involuntary treatment status, in keeping with 27-65.


There is no limit on the number of times a person may be readmitted for services. Patients formerly on Fort Logan treatment rolls, if again in need of psychiatric treatment, should use the catchment area BHO's, Mental Health Centers and Clinics, which may again refer them to Fort Logan.


If you need additional information please contact Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan Admissions Office at (303) 866-7031.