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General Description of Fort Logan Services and Service Area

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan serves as an inpatient psychiatric treatment resource to the people in regions designated by the Division of Mental Health. (See the Community Mental Health Center Page).


Fort Logan provides acute inpatient psychiatric services for adults in affiliation with the Community Mental Health Centers in our service area. Hospitalization to Fort Logan are arranged on an emergency and urgent basis by the Community Mental Health Centers in your area. Fort Logan does not provide walk in emergency or crisis services. Contact the Mental Health Center for an in-person evaluation appointment.


There is a fee for treatment based on ability to pay; however, Fort Logan does not refuse treatment to anyone because of financial status. People who can afford private treatment will be encouraged to seek treatment from other sources available in the community.


If you need additional information please contact the Admissions office at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan, at (303) 866-7031.