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Vision & Mission


We will create an environment that supports improvement, change and innovation so that the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan is recognized as a leader in the provision of quality mental health care.


In partnership with patients, families and their communities, the Fort Logan Mental Health Institute provides quality services that assist patients in achieving their mental health and health care goals.


The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan as an integral part of the community serves a vital role in providing mental health services to adults and their families. The following value statements are cornerstones of the mission and goals of Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan, and should be known, understood and embraced by everyone in the organization.

• Patients shall receive the best care possible in a manner which promotes patient and family involvement

• Staff shall continuously assess priorities, needs and expectations of other community providers, and then, work collaboratively with them to deliver the full range of services needed by our patients

• The diversity among us shall be valued as a strength of the organization. All individuals will be treated with respect, courtesy, kindness and concern, and, there shall be no discrimination based upon ethnicity, race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, financial status or political beliefs.

• An environment of personal and professional growth, learning and accountability shall be fostered

• Flexibility, cooperation and adaptation to change shall be expected of all staff