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Housing & Homeless

Supportive Housing Programs (SHP)

(Formally know as SHHP)


Rental Assistance Programs
SHP’s rental assistance programs are specifically targeted to persons with special needs including those with developmental, mental health, substance abuse and/or physical disabilities. SHP partners with thousands of private landlords and approximately 50 community-based service providers across the State to combine housing assistance with supportive services. These providers include: mental health centers, centers for independent living, community center boards, and homeless service providers. The four-way partnership between SHP, the service agency, the property owner and the participant provides an effective and efficient approach to providing housing and supportive services to approximately 4,000 of Colorado’s most vulnerable citizens. Housing assistance is administered as a part of the federally funded Housing Choice Voucher and Shelter Plus Care programs. SHP has jurisdiction to serve all 64 counties in the state.



SHP Staff Contacts 

SHP Contractor Agencies

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