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How to File

You can file your Colorado taxes electronically

Each year, thousands of paper tax returns contain errors or missing documentation that may delay your refund. The Colorado Department of Revenue offers FREE, convenient and secure electronic filing services which are available 24-hours a day, every day throughout the income tax season to file your state income tax returns. This convenient, accurate and secure electronic filing system not only saves time but helps to process your filing faster. And if you're expecting a refund, speed is important. We also encourage taxpayers to complete a Colorado 104 Individual Income Tax form prior to using this system. It will make the process go faster.


There are many other electronic filing websites and tax software that can be used to file Colorado income tax returns, but some are not free.  It’s up to you to choose the method of electronic payment you want to use, but all methods will help ensure the return is free of math errors.  That’s one of the benefits of electronic filing.  A clean return helps with a faster refund.


Revenue Online

Colorado Revenue Online is a web-based system that is quick and easy to use. Once you have completed your federal income tax return you can log into  to file your state return. The system guides users through the form line-by-line and corrects math errors as you go along.

Before you complete your e-file return the Colorado Department of Revenue offers one more method to receive your refund check faster and safer.


Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is a fast and secure alternative to receiving a refund check. The Colorado Department of Revenue is pleased that more than half of taxpayers who receive refunds are choosing Direct Deposit. The money is transmitted electronically directly into the taxpayer's bank account - you will not have to worry about a check lost in the mail or having to make a special trip to the bank. To receive your refund by Direct Deposit simply fill in your bank routing number and account number whether you file electronically or on paper.