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Fact Sheet

  • Colorado was the first state in the country to allow a taxpayer to "check-off" a voluntary contribution to a non-profit organization in 1977. The Colorado Non-Game Wildlife Fund was the first organization listed.
  • Each organization eligible for check-off donations on the Colorado state income tax form has completed a rigorous review process and has been approved by the Colorado State Legislature.
  • Each organization is listed as a participant by state statute. After three years, an organization comes before the legislature for renewal.
  • Checkoff contributions in Colorado are voluntary donations from a taxpayer's refund or an additional amount added to his or her tax liability.
  • Nearly 150,000 check-off donations were made in 2012 totaling $1.4 million. The average donation was $10. Nearly 1.8 million individual Colorado tax returns were filed in 2012.
  • The funds receiving the largest total donations in 2012 were the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Cash Fund, Military Family Relief Fund, Colorado Domestic Abuse Program Fund, Pet Overpopulation Fund, and the Homeless Prevention Activities Fund.