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Health Reform Proposals

Uninsured Action Plan for Colorado

The Option to Die in Peace

A Comprehensive Health Care Plan for All Colorado Residents

Connecting Care and Health for Colorado

Healthy Colorado Now

Improving Our Health Care and Condition

Comprehensive Health Care Plan for Colorado

A Plan for Covering Colorado

Community of Caring

Colorado Balanced Choice Health Care Reform

A System to Ensure an Effecitve and Efficient Medical Home for All Coloradans

Solutions for a Healthy Colorado

Telemedicine and Data Management Systems for Improvmeent of Healthcare Coverage Costs

Colorado Health Services Program

HealthTrans Pharmacy Care Fund

A Phased Approach to Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Colorado

Neighborhood Nurse Practitioner Clinics

Comprehensive Health Advancement Plan for Colorado

Colorado Complete Healthcare Reform

Colorado Comprehensive Care Coverage

FAIR: Free-Markets, Affordability & Individual Rights

An Individual Based Insurance System Combining Free Market Principles with an Appropriate Role for Government

Better Health Care for Colorado

The Simple Healthcare Solution

The Colorado Health Coverage and Jobs Solution

Colorado AllCare

Universal Colorado Health Insurance Plan

Universal Capitation Plan