Sales Tax Return (DR 0100) Tutorial

Instructions for Completing the Colorado Retail Sales Tax Return, form DR 0100

Single and multiple location businesses can file using Revenue Online. Filing online is easy and will help you avoid calculation errors. Revenue Online allows businesses to file and pay state sales tax and state-collected local sales taxes quickly and easily. To be eligible to use this new service, a business must have submitted a paper sales tax filing DR 0100 and payment to the Department of Revenue at least one time previously.

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How do I navigate through the tutorial? – Click on any field/area of the form for assistance and helpful information. When you click on each line, you’ll open a PDF file of instructions. For example, if you click on Part A – Deductions, a PDF will open with details about each line of deductions so you can determine if you qualify for those deductions. In addition, there may be references to FYI publications, statutes, or forms if applicable. To get back to the tutorial once you are in a PDF, click on the “Back” button in your browser.