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Question: Frequently Asked Questions about our tax classes
Are all tax classes held by the Colorado Department of Revenue no-cost?
Yes. All tax classes held by the Colorado Department of Revenue are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Can I attend only part of the class?
Yes. However, we recommend that you be present for the entire class, so you don't miss some of the great questions asked by class attendees and information not included in the handouts such as examples and scenarios to the taxability of certain transactions. We require pre-registration for all classes and will reserve your spot for the entire class session.

I canít stay for the entire class. Can I leave early?
You can choose to leave early; however, if you need to take the class again, just go back to the Online Class Registration link.

Is CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Credit offered for every class?
Yes, CPE credit is available for all classes unless otherwise stated.

Is it too late to register for a class?
If a class is FULL to capacity, you will not be able to register for that class and the automated system will inform you that it is FULL.

Will I receive confirmation of my reservation?
No. Once registered, every class you are signed up to attend will appear in Your Schedule in the online registration system.

I have a new business. What classes should I take?
We offer a wide range of topics/classes that are beneficial to both new and existing businesses. Please refer to the Workshops and Education Web Page for all topics and descriptions, as we have classes for those who are new to sales/use tax in Colorado to those that focus on industry specific issues. When taking advanced classes, it is recommended that you take the Sales/Use Tax Class Part I or you have a good understanding of sales/use tax laws in Colorado.

I canít attend any of the current class offerings. Can I register for a class that is not posted yet?
Registrations are accepted only for the current classes listed on the Main Class Schedule. However, classes are offered every month at different locations, so please continue to check back for updated class listings. If you cannot attend a tax class but need assistance with the Colorado Sales Tax and Withholding Application (CR 0100), you can either use Colorado Business Express which will allow you to open your account online, or contact our call center (303) 238-7378, Monday Ė Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you need assistance with completing the Colorado Sales Tax Return (DR 0100), file the return in Revenue Online, or refer to the Sales Tax Return (DR0100) Tutorial. You can view the slides used in the live classes in a (PDF) format and you can even take a class online where CPE credit can be obtained. View the class content at the following link: Class Content Online.

Can you accommodate persons with disabilities?
If you are a person with a disability and require reasonable accommodations for the training session, please notify us at least 5 business days before the training date with your specific accommodation. You may notify us by e-mail at

What if I just have a few questions and don't want to attend a class?
You can call our Customer Service Center at (303) 238-7378 or use Revenue Online to send us an email when you are logged into your account. Again, we offer all of our live classes in an online format. View these classes at the following link: Class Content Online.

Can you help me fill out my tax return in your workshops?

The department began offering filing workshops in 2013. These workshops are held at the Taxpayer Service Division Service Centers in Colorado. For a list of dates, times and locations, go to the Online Class Registration system for details. In addition, you can review the
Sales Tax Return (DR0100) Tutorial, or a list of Common Sales Tax Filing Errors. All other workshops are designed to cover the laws surrounding sales and use taxes in Colorado. Be sure to read the workshops descriptions of the topics covered in each one before attending.

How can I be informed of new or upcoming classes?
You can subscribe to our CDOR Tax Info Email program or the Weblog. Go to the following Web page for more details: Get Connected.  

Are reservations always required?
Yes. Once you sign up for a class via our online class registration system, you will be signed up to attend that class unless you decide to delete it from our Your Schedule.

I canít attend; can I get the class materials?
Yes, please send your request to along with your name and mailing address. We will contact you if extra materials are available or download the PDF version of the slides used in the classes at the following link: Class Content Online.

I canít attend a class. Can I get a one-on-one personal consultation?
No. At this time we would recommend you attend a class, contact us with your questions, or visit one of our service centers in Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Are food and drinks provided?
No. We do not provide any food or drink for any of our classes. However, upon arrival, you can check with the trainer to see if food and drink are allowed in the classroom and you are welcome to provide your own if allowed.

What if I missed a class? Will you hold more?
Yes. Information for additional class dates and locations will be posted on our Online Class Registration Web site when all details for the classes are finalized. Check the Workshops and Education Web page for more details on topics, descriptions and other class formats available.

Where are your classes held?
Classes are held throughout Colorado but mainly in the Metro Denver Area, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Pueblo and the Western Slope. Since many different topics are offered, be sure to check the class descriptions before attending a class to ensure the class meets your needs.

I missed the Metro area class in my location. Now what can I do?
You may attend any class in any city we are currently holding the class. If you cannot attend in that city, you also have the option of viewing all of our live classes in an online format. You can view these classes on our Class Content Online Web page.

Will the Metro area classes be held again at my preferred location?
Yes. However, youíll need to check back, as schedules of classes are posted when all details for those classes are confirmed. Check the Online Class Registration Web site regularly to see when we are returning to your area. Or, you have the option of viewing all of our live classes in an online format. View class content on our Class Content Online Web page.

I cannot attend a class in the areas currently offered. Will you come to the location I need?
Classes are held in highly requested areas of Colorado. Schedules of the latest classes are listed when details are confirmed. Check the Online Class Registration Web site regularly to see when we are returning to your area. Or, you have the option of viewing all of our live classes in an online format. View class content on our Class Content Online Web page.

Do I have to attend the Sales/Use Tax Class Part I prior to attending the Sales/Use Tax Class Part II?
We recommend that your take the Sales/Use Tax Class Part I if you have no sales/use tax knowledge or are new to Colorado sales/use tax. You are welcome to attend any class offering at any time, but keep in mind when attending the Sales/Use Tax Part II class, the Use Tax class and the industry specific classes, terms are used that you may not be aware of, so having sales/use tax knowledge before attending those classes will be helpful.

I noticed that limited class topics are offered outside the Metro Denver. Do I have to come to Denver to take classes on other topics?

At this time, the Sales/Use Tax Part I class is the only live class offered in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and the Western Slope. However, we offer many class topics in various online formats. See the Workshops and Education page for other available fomats.  



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