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Question: How to use Secure Messaging in your Revenue Online Account

First, you need to create your Login ID and Password in Revenue Online.

After you have established your Revenue Online Login ID and Password you may use the Messages service.

Verify your email address

When you first get into your account, you will be on the My Accounts screen.

If you have previously accessed your account in Revenue Online, you should verify your email address by clicking on the My Profile link on the left side of the My Accounts page. This will ensure you receive notifications from the department by email. In My Profile, select Update Profile.

If you have verified your email address, click on the Messages tab.

You will be in your Inbox.


In the Messages area (shown above) you will see the message you received in your Internet email box when you set up your Revenue Online Login ID and Password. To start writing a message to the department, click on the Send Message link.

Indicate the type of message you are sending by clicking on the down arrow for the Message Type. Click on the down arrow to select from your Accounts and specify which the tax account.

Select the Filing Period. Compose your message. When you are ready, click on the Send message link on the left side of the page. NOTE: Protests CANNOT be submitted through Secure Messaging. Login to your account through Revenue Online and use the "File a Protest" link. Attachments may be added in "File a Protest."

After you send your message, you will see message on your screen (in Revenue Online) that confirms the message has been sent.

You will also receive an email message (to the address on file in your Revenue Online account) stating that we have received the message.

Replies from the Department

When a reply from the department is ready for you to see, you will receive an email message to the address on file in your account. Replies are not sent directly to your email address. You must log in to your Revenue Online account to view responses.

Click on Messages to see the replies in your Inbox. Click on the blue link to view a particular message. There is also a tab for Unread and Outbox (sent items). To reply to the message you are reading, click on the link Reply To Message on the left side of the screen.

You will securely manage your messages to and from the department in your Revenue Online account.

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