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Question: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Options
Colorado's EFT program offers two methods of electronic payment. You may choose either or both.
  • Automated Clearing House Debit (ACH Debit) to remit using ACH Debit, access the Payconnexion/Chase Web site, provide your EFT Number, your PIN code, tax type code, filing period ending date, dollar amount owed and effective date. You can access the Payconnexion EFT payment site through Revenue Online or through Make a Payment page
  • Automated Clearing House Credit (ACH Credit) You will need to use your financial institution's method of transferring funds from your account to the Department of Revenue's depository account.

Why pay through EFT?

  • You can file your return through Revenue Online and pay by EFT in the same transaction. Note: A return is not required with an EFT payment for withholding tax.
  • You will receive a confirmation once your account has been debited.
  • It's convenient, accurate and reassuring to know your tax payment is made.
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