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Question: How do I make installment payment arrangements?
If the taxpayer is unable to pay an income tax balance due in full, the taxpayer can apply for an Agreement to Pay (ATP). Additional penalty will not be assessed after the installment plan is set up, however interest will be added for the term of the plan.

There are three methods to request an Agreement to Pay plan:

  • Revenue Online service
  • Contact our Tax Auditing and Compliance Division, (303) 205-8291
  • Customer Contact Center, (303) 238-7378

I received an "Intent to File Lien or Judgement" Notice

If a lien or judgement has been filed contact our Tax Auditing and Compliance Division at (303) 205-8291 within 10 days of receiving the notice to see if you qualify for an ATP.

If you receive notice of garnishment or collection agency action has been filed on the account, the full balance is due and no ATP will be offered.

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