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Question: How do I file an income tax return for a deceased taxpayer?
Legal representatives and surviving spouses may file a return on behalf of a deceased person. Complete the return as usual and indicate the deceased status on the return. If filing using Revenue Online, complete the Third Party Designee portion of the return. Submit a copy of the death certificate using Revenue Online or the DR 1778. To avoid problems when filing on paper, you must check the box next to the name of the deceased person, and write "DECEASED" in large letters in the white space above the tax year of the return, write "FILING AS SURVIVING SPOUSE" or "FILING AS LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE" after your signature, and attach Form DR 0102 and a copy of the death certificate to the return.

To claim a refund on behalf a deceased person, complete form DR 0102, and submit with a copy of the death certificate, when filing the return.

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