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Question: Can I file my sales tax form online?
You can file and pay your sales tax online using our Revenue Online service.

You must first set up an account in order to file a return.

  • Go to Revenue Online
  • Under "Sign up for Revenue Online" click on "Sign Up (Individual or Business)" follow the prompts to set up an account.

Once your account is set up you can log into your account and file your return.

If you already have a Login ID and Password Under "Log in For Complete Access"

  • Fill in your Login ID
  • Fill in your Password
  • Click on the Login button

Click on the blue ID link to access your account and file a return. Once the return is filed, you will see a confirmation message.

Special Note:

If after filing your return you find you owe rather than mailing a check, you can pay using our electronic check or credit card Online Tax Payment service. This online service includes an administrative fee. For credit card transactions, the administrative processing fee is the amount due plus $0.77 multiplied by 2.25%. If you choose to pay with cash in the form of an echeck, the administrative processing fee is discounted to $1.00 per transaction.

You can also pay by EFT (no fee), Pre-registration is required.


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