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Question: How can I get a refund of sales tax I overpaid or was charged in error?
If you were overcharged for sales tax on a purchase or were charged sales tax on an item that is exempt from sales tax, you should ask the retailer to refund the tax paid in error. If they do not give you a refund, you can apply to the Department of Revenue for the refund by completing and filing, the "Claim For Refund (DR 0137)". This form can be used for state sales tax and city, county or special district sales taxes collected by the state. You must attach a copy of your receipt or invoice as proof of the tax paid in error.

To make a claim for sales taxes paid in Home Rule cities, you must contact the city to obtain refund information. Contact telephone numbers for Home Rule cities are listed on the, "Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates" publication (DR 1002).

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DR 0137
DR 1002

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