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Question: Do I have to make estimated income tax payments?
A Colorado individual taxpayer must make estimated income tax payments if they can reasonably expect that the net Colorado income tax liability for the current taxable year will exceed the Colorado sales tax refund and withholding credits by $1,000 or more. Taxpayers who underpay estimated tax may be subject to a penalty.

The net Colorado tax liability for purposes of the estimated tax computation is defined as the total amount of Colorado tax, alternative minimum tax and recapture of prior year credits less all income tax credits other than the state sales tax refund, withholding credits, and estimated tax credits.

Taxpayers who do not receive income evenly during the year may elect to use the annualized income installment method to compute their estimated tax payments if they elected annualized installments for the payment of their federal income tax. (For example, a taxpayer who owns a seasonal business or receives a lump sum payment late in the year.) Also, farmers and fishermen have different requirements for estimated tax payments.

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