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Question: Why was my refund intercepted?
If a taxpayer owes a past debt to an agency of the State of Colorado, the income tax refund or PTC Rebate could be intercepted to satisfy the debt. When a refund is intercepted, the Department of Revenue will send a letter explaining which agency initiated the intercept, the amount of the refund intercepted and whom to contact for further information. If the debt is smaller than the refund, the taxpayer will receive the difference.

If a taxpayer believes the refund has been intercepted in error, the taxpayer must contact the agency initiating the interception in order to resolve the intercept.

Instances in which a refund could be intercepted include:

  • Debts for child or spousal support
  • Aid to Families with Disabled Children (AFDC)
  • Debts due to overpayment of unemployment benefits
  • Unpaid student loans
  • Judicial fines, fees, surcharges, judicial restitution or parking tickets
  • Any other unpaid debt to the state

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