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Question: Why didn't I receive my state income tax refund through Direct Deposit?
If you requested Direct Deposit on your Colorado state income tax return and did not receive it you should first contact the bank or financial institution to determine if they received your refund credit. Electronic transactions are posted daily, and may not be reflected on your latest bank statement. If your financial institution has no record of your refund, you can check the status of your refund by visiting our Revenue Online service.

Below are a few examples why the Direct Deposit was not received.

  1. The account number of the financial institution or bank was incorrect or missing on the return.
  2. The required 9-digit routing number was incorrect or missing on the return.
  3. The designated account number was invalid or the account was closed.
  4. An individual's refund may have been intercepted due to money owed to another state agency. In this case the refund would go to the agency owed to satisfy the debt. If the refund is more than the debt the refund balance will be sent in the mail to the taxpayer.

The Department of Revenue automatically creates paper refunds if for some reason your Direct Deposit information could not be processed. Also see Direct Deposit account/routing number

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