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Question: How does a Colorado resident serving in the military file a Colorado income tax return?
A serviceperson who is a Colorado full-year resident is taxed in the same manner as any other Colorado resident and will file a full-year resident Form 104 individual income tax return. Colorado resident serviceperson's are those who are Colorado residents when they enter the service or those who are from another state and who become Colorado residents.

If a Colorado resident is stationed and spends at least 305 days during the year outside of the United States, he/she can file their Colorado income tax return as a nonresident.

You can now file a Colorado income tax return online. View previously filed returns, verify payments made on the account, make payments, file protests and more using Revenue Online.

Special Note:

If after filing your Colorado income tax return you find you owe state income tax rather than mailing a check, you can pay using our electronic check or credit card Online Tax Payment service. This online service includes an administrative fee. For credit card transactions, the administrative processing fee is the amount due plus $0.77 multiplied by 2.25%. If you choose to pay with cash in the form of an echeck, the administrative processing fee is discounted to $1.00 per transaction.

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