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Question: I did not receive a copy of my W-2 from my employer. Can I get a copy from the state?
The state does not retain paper copies of taxpayer W-2s. However, there are several options for obtaining this information:

  • Contact your employer or previous employer to obtain a copy.
  • If you have your final pay stub that includes the amount of taxes withheld for Colorado, you can use this information to electronically file your state income tax return or to fill out Form DR 0084 "Substitute Colorado W-2 Form" to send with your paper return.
  • Contact our call center at (303) 238-7378. Note: This information from our call center will contain State of Colorado W-2 information only -- not federal.

For federal W-2 information you must contact the IRS.

Finally, retain copies of all your tax records for at least four years.

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