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Question: How Can I Get a Copy of my Tax Return?
Taxpayers may obtain copies of income tax returns (paper or e-filed) beginning with tax year 2009 by signing up to access their tax account through Revenue Online. Revenue Online is a secure method of accessing tax account history and information.

Another method of obtaining copies of returns is to complete Request for Copy (DR 5714). This form must be notarized. Please include the address where the documents will be mailed.

Mail the form to:

Tax Files
Colorado Department of Revenue
1375 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80261

A third party who has a valid state or federal Power of Attorney may request a copy by attaching a copy of the Power of Attorney (DR 0145) to the DR 5714.

Other authorization forms, even if signed by the taxpayer, are not accepted by the department for release of confidential tax information or returns.

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