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Question: Where is my 1099-G?

The 1099-G forms are mailed on January 31 of each year. You should receive the form (which is in a postcard format) by mid-February.

1099-Gs are sent only to taxpayers who itemized deductions last year on their federal Schedule A and received a state income tax refund of more than $10.

To determine if last year’s refund was large enough to be reported on a 1099-G, add the amount of last year’s refund check you received with:

  • amounts donated to charitable contributions on Form 104;
  • amounts intercepted as payment for back taxes or debts to other state agencies;
  • amounts applied to next year’s estimated taxes.

If you itemized your deductions last year and the above calculation indicates that the amount to be reported on the 1099-G is larger than $10, call (303) 238-SERV (7378) with the information to request another copy of Form 1099-G, or visit our Revenue Online service to access the amount of last year’s Colorado refund. You will need to first sign up through Revenue Online, Click Individual, sign up then follow the prompts to view your account. If there is no record of a 1099-G on this site you may not have received a taxable income tax refund last year.

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