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Question: What 1099 forms have to be sent to the department?

Form 1099 -- Employers and Financial Institutions

I represent a business, a bank; or financial institution. Should I send a copy of 1099 forms that I issue to the Colorado Department of Revenue with my annual reconciliation statement (DR 1093)?

1099 statements you distribute must be sent to the Department of Revenue, 1375 Sherman St. Denver, CO 80261, if the 1099s contain Colorado state withholding information.  All state wage withholding must be deducted and withheld in whole dollar amounts.

If you do not withhold Colorado tax, but issue 1099 forms,
do not submit the 1099s to the Department of Revenue. This information is provided to the department by the IRS.

You can now submit your annual reconciliation information online through our Revenue Online system. This system has replaced the old WHO system.

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