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Question: I filed my income tax return electronically and did not receive confirmation of the filing. How can I tell if you received my return?
You can sign up for a User ID and Password, then view your account through Revenue Online.

Revenue Online allows convenient and secure access to conduct business with the Department of Revenue on a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

The services available in Revenue Online lets you manage your account, view filed returns without the need to contact the department by phone, email or in person.

Once you sign up through Revenue Online you can access your tax account online. Most services are free.

  • View returns filed
  • See payment history
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Change the mailing address
  • View 1099-Gs
  • Check refund status
  • Request a payment plan
  • Make a payment (processing fees will apply)
  • File a protest
  • Amend returns
  • Upload documentation to go with the electronic filing
  • Add Third Party access to the account
  • Send a Secure Message to the department about your account

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