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Question: How do I set up access to a business tax account through Revenue Online?
Setting up account access through Revenue Online.

Step 1 Account Type

Click on the drop-down box and choose the Account Type (example, Sales Tax or Wage Withholding) you want to access.

  • Select ID Type
  • Click on the drop-down box and choose an ID type (it is best to use your CO Account number)
  • The CO Account number is an 8-digit number. If you are still using the original 7-digit number place a zero in front of the account number.
  • Enter Email Address
  • Confirm Email Address
  • Contact Phone (optional)

Step 2 Login Information

  • You can click on the box "Use Email As Login ID" or create a different Login ID
  • Create your own Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Secret Question (click on drop down box and choose a question)
  • Answer
  • Confirm Answer

Step 3 Enter Account Information

  • Enter Zip Code. Use the 5-digit code. The 9-digit Zip plus-four code is not necessary. This is the Zip Code we have on file for your account. If your address has changed, you must contact our Customer Support Center 303-238-7378 to have the address updated so that you may use Revenue Online.
  • Colorado Account Number including Branch ID (12 digits). Your 12-digit account number would be your 8-digit account number plus 4 zeros for the branch.
  • Select one of the following:
  1. Gross Sales and Services Amount from the most recent return

  2. Recent Letter ID (Only when filing a zero return)

Click OK.

You should receive an email where the Subject line will say: Colorado Department of Revenue - Revenue Online Account Access Complete. The email will contain an Authorization Code that you will use ONLY the first time you Login. If you don't get access, try again and verify your Account Information. If you don't see the email, check your Junk email folder and allow email from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Once you have your Authorization Code return to Revenue Online via the link in your email.

1. Enter the Login ID and Password you created.

2. Click on the Login button.

3. Enter the Authorization Code from your email (first time only).

4. Click Login. You should then be in your account.

After your first Login, you will need only the Login ID and Password that you created.

Once you Login, you will be in your tax account. Click on the blue link that shows your Colorado Account Number. You can then begin to manage your tax account and file your returns.

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