Bill #Short Title
HB14-1001Tax Credit For Prop Destroyed By A Natural Cause
HB14-1002Water Infrastructure Natural Disaster Grant Fund
HB14-1003Nonresident Disaster Relief Worker Tax Exemption
HB14-1004CDPS Emer Mgmt Entities & Disaster Assistance
HB14-1005Relocate Ditch Headgate Without Change Case
HB14-1006Tax Remittance For Local Marketing Districts
HB14-1007Prohib Ag Burning Fire Danger & Restrict Fireworks
HB14-1008Allow CWRPDA Private Entity Forest Health Loans
HB14-1009Change Wildfire Mitigation Tax Deduction To Credit
HB14-1010Corrections To Prescribed Burning Program Laws
HB14-1011Advanced Industry Economic Development Funding
HB14-1012Advanced Industry Investment Income Tax Credit
HB14-1013Advanced Industries Workforce Development Program
HB14-1014Modify Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit
HB14-1015Extend Transitional Jobs Program
HB14-1016Procurement Technical Assistance Program
HB14-1017Expand Availability Of Affordable Housing
HB14-1018Tax Profile & Expenditure Report
HB14-1019Enactment Of 2013 CRS
HB14-1020Combine County Assessor Reports On Taxable Prop
HB14-1021Highway Restriction Violation Penalties
HB14-1022Child Care Assistance Authorization Period
HB14-1023Social Workers For Juveniles
HB14-1024Designate Claret Cup Cactus As State Cactus
HB14-1025Juvenile Competency To Proceed Determination
HB14-1026Water Flexible Markets
HB14-1027Plug-in Electric Motor Vehicle Definition
HB14-1028Oppose Federal Special Use Permit Water Rights
HB14-1029Disabled Parking License Plates Placards
HB14-1030Hydroelectric Generation Incentive