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Detailed Air Quality Summary for 10/07/12

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All data are collected real-time and have not been corrected nor validated.

Daily Highs:

Area Site Air Quality Max AQI Pollutant Conc. Period Time *
Denver [+] AURE Good 40 Ozone 47 PPB 8-hour 8 PM
Ft. Collins - Greeley [+] GRET Good 39 Ozone 46 PPB 8-hour 6 PM
Colorado Springs [+] MAN Good 40 Ozone 47 PPB 8-hour 5 PM
Grand Junction [+] PAL Good 43 Ozone 51 PPB 8-hour 7 PM
Colorado River Valley [+] RIFLO3 Good 42 Ozone 50 PPB 8-hour 6 PM
Four Corners [+] CTZ Good 44 Ozone 52 PPB 8-hour 6 PM
Other [+] LAY Good 40 Ozone 47 PPB 8-hour 7 PM

Area Site Visibility Max VSI 4-hour Average
Beta Extinction
Time *
No valid VSI calculations found (12pm - 4pm)

* All data are reported in Mountain Standard Time (MST). During daylight savings time add one hour to the reported hour.